• Our Mission

    Rad Coffee’s mission is to bring constant change and creativity to something as simple as a cup of coffee. By creating an environment that welcomes anyone and everyone and providing unique drinks that cannot be found anywhere, that is truly rad. Created by coffee lovers, for the coffee lover. We wanted to bring people something different and something that everyone can enjoy. Whether it’s the free spirits, a business person, your local handyman, the artist with tattoos all over their face or last but definitely not least, you! We welcome you. Specialty coffee is what we serve, but we are certainly not your average specialty coffee shop. Our promise is that we will always serve the highest quality ingredients, keep experimenting with unique drinks and flavors and most importantly, provide you with a smile to keep your day going because if there was no you, there would be no rad. You are Rad Coffee, Together, We are Rad Coffee.
  • Jade & Rusty

    Rad Coffee was born in March 2015, with the idea of creating something that was so unique and different, that everybody could enjoy. We met at a coffee shop where we were both employed, from then on, coffee was not something that we just drank, but something that was embedded into our lives. We always felt like there was something missing in the coffee world, at least on our end. Rusty’s huge love for punk music and skateboarding and Jade being obsessed with anything skeletons and horror…we became the misfits of the coffee world. Bottling and selling cold brew is what made us known, driving to Los Angeles donating cases to art shows, skate events….you name it. Rad was there. Now fast forward to now, we have our first shop nestled in the heart of Downtown Upland. Over 1,000 punk flyers on one wall, our claim to fame logo’s on the other. The drinks themselves are something that literally cannot be found anywhere, not to mention the names of them you’ll hear our kick ass rad employees saying out loud, “I got one Frankenstein ready at the bar!”